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Affiliate Marketing Kit

– The Affiliates Swiss Army Knife of Marketing & Making Money Online Today!

So you want to be an affiliate marketer? But like most – No One Has Taught you the basics – So far it’s all been HYPE & THEORY – What about the MEAT and Not Just The BARE BONES? Today The Affiliate Marketing Kit Will Change All That For You.

Being an online affiliate marketer is as explained from my Home Page way easier than you might expect or been told – However there is still the grey areas and topics that no one has explained properly – Such as “Why” you should have a blog and “How” to set one up to maximise its effect for better sales and click throughs. “Why and How To Build A List of Followers” and “How to Create a Profit from That List”. Yes? – And what is Passive Income – How can You make money from just passing on a link – Whether someone Buys or Not?

Let Me Answer Those Questions For You.

Creating or starting a blog is crucial – to one; having an online presence creates “Authority” – Anyone who lands on your blog is going to be able to read what you have to say on a particular subject and make a decision (You created the blog – You help them “Make That Decision”) When having Good Quality products and services to promote – Affiliate Networks (Most) will only deal with you if you have your own domain/website. Having a blog will also allow you to market better in the search engines for free traffic as well as connecting to Social Network Sites for Promotion and Traffic You will also be able to collect your visitors email through promotions you yourself can run – This will mean you continue to market to them the virtues of what you are promoting through your autoresponder. Leaving you do whatever else it is you want or need to do – An Autoresponder is Necessary to Automate Almost 80% of What You Do Online

Included In the Affiliate Marketing Kit – Creating and Designing a Blog For Affiliate Marketing – Step By Step Video Tutorials to Walk you through setting up your own successful blog

List Building – Why You Must!

You’ve started to get visitors to your new blog and…You never see them again! In other words you’ve spent all that time to “Gain” visitors and ‘YET’ You’ve let them go? Now you have to start all over again to get the same amount of visitors, day in and day out. Neilsen – The online marketing institute say in their reports on sales achieved on a first time visit to an online website are ONLY 2% – And their report only concerns the bigger company websites such as Dell, Hewlett Packard, Liberties and other Top Businesses – So what makes you think you will fare any better? Most of the top brands agree that their sales are higher when contacting potential customers over a period of time and that was only achieved through email marketing. – Fact: Email Marketing Outweighs ALL Other Forms Of Marketing 4:1. Now hopefully you can see that affiliate marketing picture coming together. A quality blog “Primed” for promoting products and services plus an Autoresponder with effective sales messages Equals Money.

Affiliate Marketing Kit Contains – 12 List Building Videos of how to start a list from scratch and then be able to monetize that list and 3 bonus videos – How to Write Killer Sales Copy.

Passive Income – What Does It Mean?

Passive Income is the ‘Seed’ you have promoted and is now in the hands of someone else – That someone else when they pass along or “Make A Sale” WILL GENERATE INCOME FOR YOU! This is Known As Second Tier Affiliate Commissions and can range from 5 to 10% of that affiliates sales (Some can Pay 25% But Rare). This is from someone who you’ve introduced to that program for them to promote as an affiliate. Passive Income is also known as “Residual Income” Where You Make A Sale – And You Get Paid As Long As That Person Continues To Buy – This is usually a membership type of passive income. These include selling Web Hosting – Autoresponder Services – Tracking Services – Search Engine Optimisation Services (Link Building etc;) and similar – Usually found in the Services Bought Industry.

Now For The Meat

The above is still just an outline (Albeit A Good One Of How To Get Started As An Online Affiliate Marketer – But) There are some of the basic ingredients you need to know. The rest of the videos included will Stretch Your Affiliate Knowledge and Teach you the most basic and simple rules of affiliate marketing by showing you – Sales Copy – No Need to wonder how to write killer subject lines for your emails or for that matter any part of your blog. Contained in the Affiliate Marketing Kit is not hundreds but thousands of pre-written sales copy for Headlines, Sub Headlines, Email Subject Lines, Creating Banners, Article Titles, Call To Action Phrases, Follow Up, Comparisons, Pointing Out Benefits, Bullet Points, Buying Triggers and a lot more. All you have to do is add whatever the product or service is you are promoting and you have the best copy that ‘Literally Forces’ people to take action.

Now Even that isn’t enough to fill in the blanks. You will also get the most Important Ingredient of All – The Internet Marketing BluePrint in 9 Simple to Follow Videos – Along with 10 Digital LifeStyle Videos – Showing You How To From Scratch “Create ANY Internet Marketing Project for Profit”.

Everything You Need To Start Your “Affiliate Life”

  1. The complete step-by-step guide to creating a professionally designed affiliate blog no matter your skill level
  2. The Affiliate Marketing Strategy – 3 Videos that will walk you through from start to finish of “Being” an affiliate – How to find the best programs to promote and How to Double or even Triple Your Sales Ratio
  3. Running An Email List for Profit. 9 Ways to Increase Your Sign Up Rate – How To Monetize Your List – Even The Freebie Hunters Can Earn You Money!
  4. 12 PLR Profiting from PLR Videos – How to Use PLR To Make Your Own Product – Have Affiliates Working For You – Plus Using PLR to Create Your Funnels and Build Your Lists
  5. Killer Copywriting Headlines Pack – Never worry about creating Headlines – Subject Lines or Content Again – Proven Sales Messages That Convert Your Audience into Buyers
  6. You Won’t Get This Kind of Training Anywhere Else – That At Least Doesn’t Charge You A Recurring Fee To Join Some Lame – Make You Rich Membership – That Charge Monthly Figures WAY Above The Value Of Information You Can Get Right Here – And Learn At Your Own Pace!

And Yet with all this knowledge at your fingertips – Unless You Have a Good Understanding of How To Drive Traffic – You Could Still Be Dead In the Water. So Okay I Am Also Including 10 Traffic Solutions to Get Your Blog off The Ground! Plus Other Free Traffic Video Solutions

Make That Decision Today To Start Your Online Affiliate Marketing Life On The Right Footing and Stop Searching for Hair-Brained Solutions That Don’t Work. 20 Years Worth of Experience & Know How –

Today For You $17.

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