Affiliate Networks to Join – Below is a list of Affiliate Networks that you can join for free to promote a variety of products and services. Most have tutorials to help you as their affiliate to make sales and this advice is free. No need to pay for webinars, seminars or other junk material that shows you how to make money, these affiliate networks want you to succeed because obviously if you’re making money then so are their clients and eventually them. So take advantage of that free affiliate training from people who know what they are doing. The other advantage of joining an affiliate network is that all your “advertisers” are under one roof, so to speak. With your own dashboard available, you can choose who to promote, what the percentage of sales will be and you can monitor your click through performance and many more variables.

I’m going to start with one that I have used and get paid from on a regular basis and it’s called ShareaSale. The reason I start with this company isn’t just because I use it but because of the variety of ways an affiliate can earn from them, that is pay per sales or pay per lead. Of the other companies/networks I list below, most are dedicated to one or the other (PPL or CPA) but ShareaSale have both. One of the oldest networks around they have more than 3,900 clients or merchants. You can Join ShareaSale Here.

Awin also has been around for many years and have a good record of paying their affiliates ontime. With many different verticals, mobile, email marketing, website and PPC allowed, they are very versatile in meeting the publishers needs. More than 200,000 publishers agree and with more than 29,500 companies for you to choose from, you’ll surely find something to promote. They are world wide from Australia to Brazil, the Netherlands and the Swiss, plus of course U.S.A and G.B. Utilisting the top companies from those countries, these are brands that everyone is familiar with.

FlexOffers is another favourite of mine. The dashboard is clean and easy to use ot both find “advertisers to promote – just click the AD – Advertiser link from your home page and you will unearth a plethora of companies all layed out in their Business Order. From Cars to Insurance, Credit Cards, Food and well everything else you’re bound to find something that pays great rates for publishers. The application process is simple for the programs you wish to promote, such as checking the network EPC (Earnings Per Click).

Rakuten Marketing has evolved and is taking quite a big share of the affiliate network at the moment as they expand their platform. If you want to understand your market audience more and why they convert (or don’t) then Rakuten is for you. They have some of the strongest detailed information about your online visitors which they share with you to help you get more sales.

There are many other large affiliate networks around, a google search will bring them up but for now these are four that I have had experience with and highly recommend any one for either experienced or newly just starting out affiliates. They are easy to apply to and what I would say is be sure you know “How” you intend to market any of the brands they are associated with. This is one of the key questions you will be asked. The next list is a bit of a specialists list when it comes to affiliate networks as you may already have to have an experienced track record of making sales and knowing how to drive traffic to the offers you want to associate with before they will accept you. MaxBounty and Peerfly in particular. The reason is these are what are known as CPA marketing. Cost per Action means you will get paid for your visitors performing a certain action for you to get paid. Such as registering an email, a credit card (Free Trial) or something similar. The payouts can be small for just an email address or high for a credit card submit, however these kinds of offers are open to abuse because of the simple nature of no money needed and therefore they are harder to be accepted for.

Unless you have a highly visited blog or website, being an affiliate means driving traffic/visitors to these companies offers and you should also therefore be aware that some advertising costs will be involved to market on behalf of the company you have agreed to promote. This being the case you have to weigh up the cost of the advertising (you can afford) against the return. Generally you are allowed to do Pay Per Click, buying advertising on Google or Bing (most other search engines have such a small percentage of the market, it’s just not worth the cost). Also check the terms with the company you intend to promote, if you are going to do PPC, as they may not allow you to bid on certain keywords. That’s because they are and well unless you can come up with a new angle to bring in those people who would be interested in their offering, then again you could be wasting your advertising dollars. After all PPC is Direct traffic, people who are searching the internet looking for a particular product or service and usually to buy and therefore convert very highly. So if they’ve already cornered the keywords it will be harder for you to compete.

One source of traffic that converts for certain products (gaming, make money online or business opportunities) is Pay Per View. These are ‘publishers’ who have agreed to receiving pop up and exit traffic when browsing. There is a small group who disagree with this kind of advertising because it is seen as intrusive but shouldn’t be ignored as it is a full 800×600 advert that gets placed in front of the publisher and if enticing enough of an offer, they do convert extremely well. Generally a lot cheaper than PPC as well. (See Buy Advertising)