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Let’s face it, buying advertising or visitors can be a minefield, even if you think you know what you are doing – so listed below are a few advertising networks that I personally have tried and still use and which also take away the headache of working out the cost (such as pay per click)  as they are upfront about their charges, WYSWIG (What You See Is What You Get) and that is all you pay. They are also cheap for cost per visitor, from as little as 20 cents from top  one tier countries like U.S.A. and 16 cents from other top tier countries Canada and the U.K. When buying advertising or traffic from an online company, you have to do some due diligence as to One; What sort of traffic it is they are proposing to deliver to your website/blog or affiliate link? and Two; Where is that traffic coming from? Once you feel comorftable with those answers you will also want a report to show the kind of visitors you have received so you can evaluate whether or not it was profitable.

Horizon who are advertised above with the banner are a genuine source of traffic, they deliver visitors (Real Humans – who will read your advert) using what is known as Pay Per View. They are themselves a ‘broker’ service for affiliates who can’t afford to use such mainstream services that sell pay per view, as some will want as much as a $1,000 deposit before they will start a campaign for you. Horizon do not, they sell you the traffic as they already have an account with the mainstream companies. This is a cheap way to get traffic to your landing or squeeze page (Don’t send them to a sales page) and you will get really targeted and interested potential customers who you can follow up with via your autoresponder sequence – see This Offer if you need a squeeze page, hosting and Autoresponder all in one. Below is a brief extract from what they themselves offer. You can also buy email lists from them that you can send direct marketing messages to.

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Entertainment, Computers, Games, Health, Recreation, Hobbies, Travel, Sports, Gambling, Shopping, Beauty, Finance, Free Stuff, Diet, Debt Consolidation, Credit Cards, Family, Webmasters, MLM, Business.

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Category Website Traffic - Pop Unders
Just Click On The Banner Above For Instant Traffic from 59 cents per visitor

AdHitz are a Cost Per Click advertising network who charge just 20 cents for visitor traffic from the U.S. Extremely cheap in anyones book. Their dashboard is simple to use for advertisers, you set your limit, either per day, per week or per month and you deposit that amount in to your account. Thereby making sure you can’t and don’t go over your advertising budget. Unlike the pay per view option above, for which you should always send to a squeeze or landing page,  AdHitz is extremely good traffic for blogs and websites. Your advert is shown accross their network of publisher websites that diplay your ad, just like Google ads and banners and if clicked you pay for that visitor – simple.

Other places to consider advertising are forums, especially of course forums that cover your affiliate topic or program you are promoting. These can be bought relatively cheap and some forums have readerships ranging in the thousands, such as the very well known Digital Point – more than 850,000 members. They have advertising where you can place ads on their members sites and on their own forum. Each advert placed can be geo-targeted, either to specific countries or even specific pages within the forum. Bidding starts at $1 for banner ads and a minimum bid of $5 for email advertising (Your link is placed in 1,000 emails that their system sends out)

Recommendations & Tips For Using These Advertising Services

Wherever possible send your bought traffic to a squeeze or landing page to collect the email (you don’t need to collect more than that and despite some email client companies protestations – it needn’t be ‘Double Opt In’ (Twice confirmed). The easier you make it for someone to sign up to your list/autoresponder the better. Have a series of emails loaded in your autoresponder and let it do the selling whilst you promote that page. Around five to ten can usually be enough to get the ball rolling. Test your squeeze page by using URL rotators. This is known as A/B split testing. Some companies will charge you hundreds of dollars for graphs and heatmaps and well everything that describes what your visitor is doing when they land on your squeeze page. It can be overwhelming, so the easiest way is to have say three squeeze page that are similar in content but maybe the ‘phrasing’ is different in trying to extract a response and trigger that email in to your inbox. It could be the graphics or use of colours you change. Whatever the differences you make, the way to see which might be the most effective is to put all three ‘links’ of those pages in to the rotator but with different sign up boxes from your autoresponder on there. The one that collects the most emails is the ‘Winner’. With a URL rotator you are just promoting or assigning one link in to you traffic source but each time you have a visitor a different page is shown. To see how effective each is should be divided by three to get your average. So 90 visitors will see the three squeeze pages at 30 previews each. The one then that has collected the most emails is the most effective.