Choosing Directory Submissions

Directory Submissions have a long tradition when it comes to both back linking and website promotion. Recently however Google has deemed them irrelevant for back linking sources, deeming the majority to be ‘link farms’ (a term derived from websites that do nothing more than post links from several websites to one link [website] that the spammers are really interested in promoting)

This of course has had a knock on effect of which links are being accepted by Google and which aren’t when submitting your own websites link to the many directories out there. After all not many website owners can afford to hire professional seo services and have to go it alone. Directory submissions then play a big part in gaining links.

Many of the directories have a paid section to include your websites link, usually within 24hrs, otherwise the text will tell you one of three things if you don’t take up their offer for a paid link and they are; free links may or may not be included or more generally free submitted links will take up to 90 days for inclusion, which I think is fine as it means somewhere down the line of those 90 days your website gets a ‘Boost’ when that link is included, even if you don’t do any more link promotions after the initial two months. The third is to ask for a link back to their directory with a link from your home (Index) page and yes your website/blog now reads as a whos’ who of directories.

Some directories are worth the ‘paid’ fee if their own website allows you your own page. This is good for what’s known as deep linking. Not only do you have your websites link pointing back to your domain but you can have a full worded description, almost like an article, which you can wax lyrical about your website/blog adding keywords and keyphrases. The types of directory that are worth this extra effort are generally sites that are human edited. The oldest and most well known being DMOZ closed its doors on March 17 2017 and therefore is no longer accepting URL Submissions. Linkopedia is another ‘old’ directory that is human edited but whilst not free like DMOZ was, around $10, this is still a good start for your site. To find other such sites you can head over to your favourite search engine and type in ‘directories of directories’ or ‘directory of directories’. A much better search solution is to go through other directories which includes directories than to search through the search engines, as this will only bring up the ‘clutter’ of ‘general’ websites and blogs with their own take on what kinds of directories you should submit your link to.

There are two ways you can submit your site, the first is to do a search using the keywords “submit link” inurl:directory. This should just then bring up a list of directories that will allow you to submit your website, rather than a list of other websites that will have their own lists to submit your link to. The second is to find an online company that will do your linking for you. The second however could be an expensive route. The Complete Traffic Package I offer has Link Building Software which will help you find those all important links. If you are going to go it alone, then the following article will help – How To Submit Your Website To Directories.