Scam Alerts

Scam Alerts and Some Tactics To Be Wary Of

In this particular article of scam alerts, I’m not actually going to point the finger at certain companies or programs that are out there, though if you’ve had a bad experience with such, you can post a comment to let other readers know and warn them in advance of your experiences and why you felt they were bad and should perhaps be avoided. No, in this article I want to concentrate on the more broader terms of certain types of offers that make false or fraudulent claims and what that means to the unsuspecting public.

It’s not surprising given the enormity of the world wide web and the ability for anonimity, that there are many folks on the net that use it solely to rob people and disappear in to the ethernet air without a trace, leaving unsuspecting customers bereft of their hard earned cash. Some though are right in front of people and they don’t even notice until it is too late and sometimes that could have been avoided just from reading the terms and conditions, which are written in such a way as to absolve the seller from any blame.

One such service that is offered around and appeals to many because of the very nature of it being a short cut to wealth by having “Guaranteed SignUps” is in fact nothing more than that. A guarantee of whatever amount of signups you pay for ‘Actually’ signing up to your squeeze page or free program you are promoting. The prices can range from $40 to $200 for a certain amount of these guaranteed signups. So why is it fraudulent when you get the amount of signups you paid for? Well this is where you have to read between the lines of the actual offering and the terms and conditions.

Firstly think of this – How can anyone guarantee you a set and certain numbered amount of signups to your offering? That is to say they promise to get you let’s say 100 people to sign up to your program – Before they’ve even seen what it is you are promoting? Does that not begin to ring alarm bells with you?

Okay let’s delve a little deeper with this idea of getting “Guaranteed SignUps”.

On the one hand they are promising you these definite – guarantees of people signing up to your program – YET in the terms and conditions they do not guarantee you will make any sales from these people who are so eager to sign up and surely want to know more about your offering. Why is that? Could it be that these people have been paid to enter their details or ‘some’ details of an email address and a spurious name. They also only ask you to submit programs or offerings that are ‘free’ to sign up to for their particular audience they will send your squeeze page to. As they themselves (The Seller) have to protect their cultivated traffic sources and don’t think it fair that this source of traffic they are going to expose your program to – should at least have the opportunity to read first your details before buying anything – Bolony! This does nothing but strengthen the argument that these people have been paid to submit ‘some’ details and aren’t genuinely interested in your program.

PROOF On My Part?

This is an excerpt from someone posting a ‘job’ on Amazons Mechanical Turk ( The predecessor to such outsourcing market places as Fiverr and SEOClerks)

Wanted – English speaking customers to fill out email data, entering an email address and sometimes a name 5 to 10 cents per email completed – apply (Link ommited for obvious reasons)

There are similar shortwork sites such as these that pay pennies for people to do this and there are many takers from such countries as India, Pakistan and Africa. After all, who are you going to complain to when those ‘New’ sign ups don’t buy anything – You have after all Got Your Quota order fulfilled as promised by the advert.

To protect yourself against such scams as this you should STOP and pause for though and ask yourself – WHY is this such a GOOD deal? Read the advert more carefully to understand what it is you are actually buying and check the sellers terms and conditions. If you are still a little unsure, do some due diligence on the program offered by doing some research. Reviews sites and forums are a good place to look. No matter if the deal is offered as a one time only, will expire at such and such a time. It won’t, it will still be there, so take your time before parting with your money.